Bob’s 60th “Surprise” Birthday Party

With much elaborate planning and coordination, Bob’s wife Susan pulled off a wonderful surprise birthday party celebrating Bob’s 60th. While the birthday boy was showering for a supposed dinner in town, party participants had gathered at two neighbor’s homes with all the party goods. A call was made to set the surprise in motion. Everyone, carrying food, drinks, presents and balloons convened on the Folmsbee home and gathered on the lanai waiting for Bob to dry off. Bob’s beaming smile says it all. Happy Birthday Bob!!

Party Pics

Bella’s 1st Place Performance

Yesterday in Orlando at the Marriott World Center, our granddaughter Bella, who has been studying Irish Dance for three years, competed in the third annual Watters School Class Feis. Although Bella placed in many of the dance categories, most noteworthy was her taking 1st Place in the Freestyle Solo dance. Congratulations Bella!!

Lovelies of the Night

Ocala was most fortunate this Halloween, having two beautiful lovelies meandering the downtown area. These two alluring vampires, although dressed to “suck your blood”, were quite harmless and only put smiles on all that gazed upon them.

Tim & Sue’s World

Cousin Tricia Visit

Arriving from Augusta, Georgia last Thursday evening, Sue’s cousin Tricia and her friend Sherry enjoyed a five-day visit. A whirlwind of excursions filled up most of their stay with trips to Palm Coast to see Steve and family, the Orlando area to visit Scott and family, and finally a short trip to Port Richie to see Sue and Tricia’s Aunts, Betty and Mary. Yesterday was a day of rest before heading back home this morning. It was good to see family and enjoy catching up on everyone’s lives. Thanks for the love Tricia.

…Another Cardiac Update

After two days in the Coronary Care Unit at Munroe Regional Hospital …I’M HOME!!!! My cardiologist doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s causing these episodes to return, thinks it may be my arrhythmia’s … so I’ll need to follow up with my Electrophysiologist (another cardiologist) in Gainesville, FL.  But, if they start increasing in frequency, it may be that my artery (with 3 stents) is restenosing (clogging) up again.
It is what it is!! So I am taking a proactive approach to good health and an abundance of gratitude for my family and friends that I love so much. Thanks for your good wishes, phone calls, prayers and love. sweet husband has been been a rock through all this. I am truly blessed.  Special thanks to Paula for watching our baby, Freckles. If this sounds familiar – it is,  I posted part on Facebook.

Steve & Family Visit

Steve, Sue’s eldest, with Chrissie, Alexandra and Christopher, came to visit today. A lunch at the Stone Creek Grille and a golf cart ride around the community highlighted their day, along with catching up on news and happenings since their last visit to town. Before they departed, a take on the Blues Brothers was captured with photos.


Griffin Family Visit

After a two day trip from Indiana, Juree, Pete, Daniel, Sarah, Ellie and Andrew arrived Saturday the 17th. What a joy to see everyone, especially the little ones and how much they’ve grown. Leaving this morning, their stay was spent right here in Stone Creek, enjoying the pool, dining out and Freckles. A wonderful visit and we look forward to the next time.

Vacation Photos

Memorial Day…A day of remembrance

I’m proud to have served in the Marine Corps for 20 years and for doing what I had to do to honor that period of time. But there’s something that has happened each Memorial Day, for many years now, that justifies those years and really makes me more proud. Every year, my Daughter, her husband and their children telephone to wish me a Happy Memorial Day and thank me for my service. That gesture, this one unselfish note of gratitude means more to me than the many utterances I hear during this holiday weekend.

Thank you my dear, sweet Juree and Peter for your wishes.

Mother’s Day in Orlando

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s in our family and to our friends.

Mother’s Day – 2010

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love

A beautiful tribute of love between Mother and Daughter.

A Mother’s Love

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