Web Site Maintenance

Required maintenance to both Tim & Sue’s World and Stone Creek Photos will cause the sites to be unreachable for at least a day or two. The hosting company has changed servers which has caused a few problems with certain pages not rendering properly.

Sorry for any inconvenience to my frequent visitors. I’ll announce when the updates are completed.

UPDATE: Both sites have been repaired and should be in working order. As always, please notify me of any glitches. Thanks for your patience.

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k.

System Maintenance

Beginning at approximately 9:00 am on Tuesday, November 16, the computer system running Tim & Sue’s World and Stone Creek Photos will undergo some needed system maintenance involving equipment upgrades. The web sites will remain active but the “live” camera views will be temporarily shut down. It’s anticipated all work will be completed not later than 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 17.

Sorry for any inconvenience this temporary shutdown may cause.

…Another Cardiac Update

After two days in the Coronary Care Unit at Munroe Regional Hospital …I’M HOME!!!! My cardiologist doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s causing these episodes to return, thinks it may be my arrhythmia’s … so I’ll need to follow up with my Electrophysiologist (another cardiologist) in Gainesville, FL.  But, if they start increasing in frequency, it may be that my artery (with 3 stents) is restenosing (clogging) up again.
It is what it is!! So I am taking a proactive approach to good health and an abundance of gratitude for my family and friends that I love so much. Thanks for your good wishes, phone calls, prayers and love. Tim..my sweet husband has been been a rock through all this. I am truly blessed.  Special thanks to Paula for watching our baby, Freckles. If this sounds familiar – it is,  I posted part on Facebook.

Camera Woes

So sorry everyone but the “backyard” cam is temporarily out of commission. I hope to have it back operational by days end.

Media Page Update

The media page has a new feature that will allow you to scroll through a playlist of 50 songs from our personal library. The program is called Lala and it is in the process of cross referencing the 4,744 songs we have to those in their own database. At present, the crunching and matching of song titles has over 16 hours remaining before I’ll know how much of our song list will be available for your listening pleasure. The best part of all this is that it’s legal. Listen to as many as you want at any time…all for free. If you decide on a song that you want, there’s an option to purchase it directly from Lala.

The current playlist has no specific genre or style but after all songs have been matched, I’ll create a variety of playlists to swap out every now and then. That’s it for now…check back later for additional updates to this exciting change to the page.

Our Media Page

Helping the World

Most of us have an abundance of unused processing power in our personal computers that can be put to great use by connecting to one or more of many worthwhile research programs that need additional computing power to help analyze and find solutions for a variety of unsolved worldly problems.

My first alliance was with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) back in early 2003. The following year, I joined with thousands of others around the globe, the World Community Grid, one of the most important research projects you can donate your unused computer processing time to. Then in 2006, I added Climate Prediction and Rosetta, both striving to find solutions to help our world.

There are a few software programs that help you monitor these processes and all basically do the same thing but I recommend using BOINC. Information for it and the other organizations I’ve mentioned can be found by visiting the links below. Please take the time to visit these sites and learn how you can become part of a global team to help human kind. Give me a call if you want to talk about it. We could even set up a Stone Creek Community team which could compile our stats collectively.


World Community Grid

Climate Prediction



Other projects

Tweaking the Sites

Both of us have been under the weather the past few days with chest colds but we are on the slow road to recovery. It seems the older we get, the longer it takes to get well. Not fair!!

In between coughing and sneezing, I’ve been messing with the web pages and blog sites, making a few format changes and other behind the scenes alterations. Most of the tweaks have been to the Stone Creek Photos blog and web site and just a few minor changes on Tim & Sue’s World but mainly a cosmetic change to this blog.

Warmer temps are just around the corner. Really!!

Speaking of our Media Page…

I’ve come to realize that the changing of music and updating the page in general has become too sporadic so rather than try to post at a specific interval, I ask that you periodically check the Media page for updates. I’ll keep the music a little longer than usual so everyone will have a chance at hearing the new songs. Again, thanks for your ongoing interest.

IP Cameras temporarily down…

The storm, this evening, has disrupted the power source to a few of the IP cameras. Hopefully, all will be back up by mid morning.

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