Tai Chi Class Social Gathering

The husbands were tag-a-longs to a few members of the Tai Chi class who last night, gathered at the Yamato Japanese Steakhouse for an evening of socializing and great oriental cuisine. Absent was the class teacher, Art, who was under the weather with a home-bound illness. He was truly missed.

Photos were taken but unfortunately, the dummy photographer (me) failed to adjust the camera settings which resulted in a total blurry mess. So sorry.

Turning 40 in Stone Creek

Today, Stone Creek’s youngest resident, Heather Dawson, joyfully enters a new decade of life.

The 40s!!

~~ Happy Birthday Heather ~~

Events leading up to Heather’s birthday were meant to build her anticipation, and hopefully lessen the trepidation of entering into another era of life. A week ago, my ever thoughtful wife Sue, started by sending Heather daily funny emails titled “You know you’re turning 40 when…” which Heather said brought much laughter from her and Ross, her husband. They looked forward to checking her email for new quips.

Even before the emails began though, Sue sent out invitations to both Heather’s friends and ours from around the community for a party at our home to honor Heather on her special day. Last night was the big event with 23 of us coming together for a fun evening of drink, food and much laughter. Our Freckles had a great time as well!

Coming together as we did, during this special time, helps to solidify the friendships we all have made here in Stone Creek. Regardless of the reason, celebrating life, together, is a most wonderful way to grow old. Thank you Heather for allowing us to help you celebrate your life and thank you friends for giving Heather a memory to cherish.

Party Photos

Tim & Sue’s World

Bob’s 60th “Surprise” Birthday Party

With much elaborate planning and coordination, Bob’s wife Susan pulled off a wonderful surprise birthday party celebrating Bob’s 60th. While the birthday boy was showering for a supposed dinner in town, party participants had gathered at two neighbor’s homes with all the party goods. A call was made to set the surprise in motion. Everyone, carrying food, drinks, presents and balloons convened on the Folmsbee home and gathered on the lanai waiting for Bob to dry off. Bob’s beaming smile says it all. Happy Birthday Bob!!

Party Pics

Lovelies of the Night

Ocala was most fortunate this Halloween, having two beautiful lovelies meandering the downtown area. These two alluring vampires, although dressed to “suck your blood”, were quite harmless and only put smiles on all that gazed upon them.

Tim & Sue’s World

Lillis Derby Party

When looking at the photo album for this great gathering, you would think Cody was the center of attention. He was!! All kidding aside, Dave & Donna Lillis, as gracious and generous hosts, gathered 28 of us together for an afternoon of super fun. Scrumptious appetizers, tasty desserts and the best of spirits to help everyone enjoy the hoopla of the Kentucky Derby. Before the actual race, Dave set up a fun lanai race on a styrofoam racetrack featuring 13 quality participants, including an elephant and zebra. Thanks to Dave and Donna for a wonderful time.

Party Pics

Tim & Sue’s World

Stone Creek Photos

Gloria Visit

One of the most beautiful things in life is friendship.

We are fortunate to have friends we’ve known for many many years and one of the most dearest to our hearts is Gloria. Sixteen years ago, Sue and Gloria met and have stayed very close ever since. I met Gloria in 2000 and am happy to claim her equally as close and a precious friend. Gloria flew into Orlando from Asheville, NC on Thursday and as soon as we arrived at Stone Creek, it was “party time.” Gary & Joyce, also very close friends, threw a cocktail party at their home where Gloria fit right in with the group of 14 on hand. Next was “Italian Night” at The Grill where everyone convened for fine food and drink. A wonderful evening, for sure. Friday morning, Sue and Gloria drove to Palm Coast to meet Sue’s eldest Son Steve and his wife Chrissie, spending most of the day enjoying the beach setting and the great weather. Upon returning, we had supper at Sams St. Johns. This morning it was an early drive back to Orlando and Gloria’s flight back home.

A short visit but still filled with unforgettable memories and love shared between life-long friends.

Jim & Judi’s Christmas Party

Chicken. Black Russians. Ice House. Just a little part of a Christmas Party at Jim & Judi’s wonderfully decorated home. The best part … friends and neighbors coming together for fun times filled with laughter and good natured jibes, getting everyone into the spirit of the holidays. Did I mention chicken?

Friends Return

Lynn & Nancy, our friends who spend their Summers in Colorado and Winters here in Stone Creek, have returned to spend some time in a more favorable clime. Their Colorado home is in the mountains and when the snows arrive, it’s near impossible to traverse the steep driveway to the house. We will enjoy their stay until next April when they head back West. An event that is turning into a tradition of sorts, is celebrating Lynn & Nancy’s return with a fine meal at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Welcome back guys!!

Neighborly Love

We had the privilege of enjoying this Day of Thanks with our neighbors and dear friends, Ted & Bonnie. Family and friends, a traditional and outstanding Thanksgiving meal, football, the adorable antics of their granddaughter and pet, Sophie, helped make the day very special.

Happy Thanksgiving

To those who venture by our little part of the world…may you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We leave you with the quote of the day.

“You are a true optimist when you start your diet today.”

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