Tai Chi Class Social Gathering

The husbands were tag-a-longs to a few members of the Tai Chi class who last night, gathered at the Yamato Japanese Steakhouse for an evening of socializing and great oriental cuisine. Absent was the class teacher, Art, who was under the weather with a home-bound illness. He was truly missed.

Photos were taken but unfortunately, the dummy photographer (me) failed to adjust the camera settings which resulted in a total blurry mess. So sorry.

Ocoee Christmas – 2010

Today, Sue and I went back in time…way back! As if we were transported to the 1400’s, we were greeted by the King, Queen and Princess of Hardigree Castle. Queen Stephanie is known for her attention to detail when entertaining and today, this Christmas Day, she prepared a day’s festivities and feast that will not be forgotten. Also in attendance were Stephanie’s Mom, Patty, and her Grandmom, Lodema and her husband Bud. Princess Bella also was the “Court Jester” and provided excellent entertainment prior to our traditional medieval meal. Along with the games, laughter, tomfoolery and the wonderful world of yesteryear we experienced, the love of family coming together to share was the theme of the day.

Thank you Scott, Stephanie, and Princess Bella.  Photos

Palm Coast Christmas – 2010

A quick trip to Palm Coast to deliver presents and spend some time with Chrissie, Alexandra and Christopher. Presents were opened early and enjoyed by all. Lunch at Houligan’s with a very decorative waitress named Season along with fun and games.


Lillis Derby Party

When looking at the photo album for this great gathering, you would think Cody was the center of attention. He was!! All kidding aside, Dave & Donna Lillis, as gracious and generous hosts, gathered 28 of us together for an afternoon of super fun. Scrumptious appetizers, tasty desserts and the best of spirits to help everyone enjoy the hoopla of the Kentucky Derby. Before the actual race, Dave set up a fun lanai race on a styrofoam racetrack featuring 13 quality participants, including an elephant and zebra. Thanks to Dave and Donna for a wonderful time.

Party Pics

Tim & Sue’s World

Stone Creek Photos

Gloria Visit

One of the most beautiful things in life is friendship.

We are fortunate to have friends we’ve known for many many years and one of the most dearest to our hearts is Gloria. Sixteen years ago, Sue and Gloria met and have stayed very close ever since. I met Gloria in 2000 and am happy to claim her equally as close and a precious friend. Gloria flew into Orlando from Asheville, NC on Thursday and as soon as we arrived at Stone Creek, it was “party time.” Gary & Joyce, also very close friends, threw a cocktail party at their home where Gloria fit right in with the group of 14 on hand. Next was “Italian Night” at The Grill where everyone convened for fine food and drink. A wonderful evening, for sure. Friday morning, Sue and Gloria drove to Palm Coast to meet Sue’s eldest Son Steve and his wife Chrissie, spending most of the day enjoying the beach setting and the great weather. Upon returning, we had supper at Sams St. Johns. This morning it was an early drive back to Orlando and Gloria’s flight back home.

A short visit but still filled with unforgettable memories and love shared between life-long friends.

Scott & Bella Visit

On the eve of Sue’s fifth heart catheterization early tomorrow morning, and while Stephanie hosted another Twilight Party back in Orlando, Scott and lovely Bella came to town for an overnight stay. As always, everyone had a wonderful time, especially Gigi as shown in this post’s photo cover. Lunch at the Stone Creek Grill, supper at Logan’s Road House and this morning, a hearty breakfast at IHop filled our palates. Usually, Freckles and I walk alone around Longleaf every night but last night Scott & Bella tagged along too and enjoyed the clear skies and brilliant stars. Bella showed her new skills in Irish Dancing throughout the stay and amazed us with her agility and footwork. A wonderful visit, for sure.

Sue’s Winter Soup

Personally, the mark for a great soup is when it doesn’t require salt and pepper. My Sue has a knack for creating soups that will warm your innards and make you moan your approval. A couple of days ago, she prepared a crock-pot simmered roast beef dinner, another Winter meal that turns out great. From its remnants, Sue most always adds this and that to create a sumptuous cold weather soup. You can’t even tell the kitchen sink has been added, it’s so tender and tasty. Thank you Darlin’. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

To those who venture by our little part of the world…may you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We leave you with the quote of the day.

“You are a true optimist when you start your diet today.”

An Exciting Breakfast

Sue & I just returned from having a fabulous breakfast at Red’s. For those of you not familiar with the layout, the restaurant is located in the country a few miles West of Ocala, near a marsh which presently appears dry. Anyway, we were seated next to a window overlooking the front lawn area that has a man-made pond with flowing water and flowering plants surrounding the whole area. All of a sudden there was a big commotion with the waitresses and other patrons, standing up and glued to what was happening outside. The owner of Red’s and an employee were in the process of capturing a 4′ Water Moccasin near the pond. This area is situated fairly close to the entrance to allow people either waiting to be seated or those who finished to enjoy the beauty of the pond. Luckily, the snake was seen before an unfortunate accident occurred. An exciting breakfast…for sure.

Ocala’s “Ipanema”

April ends on a wonderful high note. Close Stone Creek friends coming together for a fabulous lunch at one of Ocala’s finest, the Ipanema, a Brazilian restaurant. Joyce & Gary, Katie & Ed, Jon & Paula and Sue & Tim enjoyed an afternoon of tasty food, fine drinks and best of all, the good times of conversation and laughter. This was the first major outing for Katie who is making steady progress in recuperating from back surgery.


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