…Another Cardiac Update

After two days in the Coronary Care Unit at Munroe Regional Hospital …I’M HOME!!!! My cardiologist doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s causing these episodes to return, thinks it may be my arrhythmia’s … so I’ll need to follow up with my Electrophysiologist (another cardiologist) in Gainesville, FL.  But, if they start increasing in frequency, it may be that my artery (with 3 stents) is restenosing (clogging) up again.
It is what it is!! So I am taking a proactive approach to good health and an abundance of gratitude for my family and friends that I love so much. Thanks for your good wishes, phone calls, prayers and love. Tim..my sweet husband has been been a rock through all this. I am truly blessed.  Special thanks to Paula for watching our baby, Freckles. If this sounds familiar – it is,  I posted part on Facebook.


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