Turning 40 in Stone Creek

Today, Stone Creek’s youngest resident, Heather Dawson, joyfully enters a new decade of life.

The 40s!!

~~ Happy Birthday Heather ~~

Events leading up to Heather’s birthday were meant to build her anticipation, and hopefully lessen the trepidation of entering into another era of life. A week ago, my ever thoughtful wife Sue, started by sending Heather daily funny emails titled “You know you’re turning 40 when…” which Heather said brought much laughter from her and Ross, her husband. They looked forward to checking her email for new quips.

Even before the emails began though, Sue sent out invitations to both Heather’s friends and ours from around the community for a party at our home to honor Heather on her special day. Last night was the big event with 23 of us coming together for a fun evening of drink, food and much laughter. Our Freckles had a great time as well!

Coming together as we did, during this special time, helps to solidify the friendships we all have made here in Stone Creek. Regardless of the reason, celebrating life, together, is a most wonderful way to grow old. Thank you Heather for allowing us to help you celebrate your life and thank you friends for giving Heather a memory to cherish.

Party Photos

Tim & Sue’s World

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